If your electronic medical record system brings more pain than productivity, we can help.

Where does it hurt?

Electronic Documentation
& Data Review


Most EMRs make it difficult to review pertinent clinical data and documentation while authoring a note. This slows providers down, and drives workarounds such as copy-forward and data-dumping, which degrade note quality.

NoteCetera facilitates efficient, high-quality electronic documentation by enabling review and incorporation of pertinent clinical data into notes with minimal workflow disruption. It saves users time, removes a major driver of copy-forward behavior, and conserves IT resources that would otherwise be spent fulfilling user requests for additional notes and document-based MLMs.

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Problem List Management
(Health Issues)


An accurate and timely structured problem list supports quality patient care, population health management, billing, research, and quality initiatives. Unfortunately, few EMRs provide the tools necessary for users to maintain and leverage the problem list in an efficient manner.

ICDx reduces the time and energy required to maintain an accurate, structured problem list. In addition to its advanced code search engine and intuitive user interface, ICDx enables clinicians to maintain a plan of care for each problem, and to rapidly incorporate the problem list and associated plan into their electronic notes.

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Care Team Collaboration
& Handoffs


In a team-based clinical environment, accurate care team identification, rapid communication, task management, and detailed patient handoffs are essential for safe, efficient patient care. Many EMRs contain incomplete, cumbersome care team-related functionality, with poor or absent handoff integration.

Huddle represents a comprehensive, integrated solution which supports management of the care team, communication both within and outside of the care team, task management, and the creation of flexible reports designed to support I-PASS compliant handoffs of patient care between team members.

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Health IT Consulting & Custom Development

Something else causing you pain?

Let us create a solution just for you.

Our broad perspective uniquely positions us to develop custom applications that delight clinicians and IT departments alike. Everything we build is designed to support, rather than disrupt clinician workflow. Our solutions are optimized for performance and maintainability.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

Clinical Decision Support

CDS — It's not just pop-up alerts.
(but we can build those too)

We design systems that provide clinicians with the right data at the right time for the right patient. Our emphasis is on supporting the decision making process, not interrupting it. We specialize in Medical Logic Module (MLM) design and programming, and custom CDS application development.

Electronic Documentation

Unfortunately, structured note templates that work well in a paper chart just don't translate smoothly into their electronic counterparts.

We specialize in designing notes that can be completed quickly, while still capturing essential data elements in structured form. We have extensive experience building custom documentation tools to support data retrieval and integration into notes.

Data Visualization

The typical EHR is full of useful clinical data, but it's hopelessly scattered across multiple areas of the chart or even across multiple systems.

We specialize in synthesizing data across disparate sources, and presenting those data in a timely and clinically-relevant fashion. Our solutions enable clinicians to see trends and cause-effect relationships that are difficult to discern from textual data alone.

Care Team Management

Who's taking care of your patients? Can members of the care team identify and contact one another?

We build custom applications to support care team identification and communication. These applications facilitate team collaboration, improve patient safety, and underpin other key projects, such as provider-directed critical laboratory alerts.

Patient Handoffs

Failed patient handoffs are a substantial cause of adverse clinical events, and are becoming ever more frequent in today's clinical environment.

We have years of experience deploying applications designed to support high-quality patient handoffs. Our solutions automatically synthesize key situational data from the EHR with clinician-entered action and contingency plans to create a robust signout.

Problem List Management

An accurate, structured problem list is essential for quality patient care, documentation, billing and for meeting Meaningful Use goals.

We are proud to present ICDx, our comprehensive problem list management application. ICDx makes it easy for clinicians to create a structured problem list, keep it up to date, and leverage the list for documentation and clinical care.

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