Introducing ICDx...

Problems, solved.

Advanced ICD-10 search engine

Find the correct code in record time.

Just start typing.

As you type, ICDx arranges possible matches into a concept tree, and guides you along its branches to the correct code.

An adaptive sorting algorithm analyzes your past search history, patient demographics, disease prevalence and other factors to elevate the most relevant codes to the top of the list.

Effortless problem list management

ICDx reduces the time and energy required to maintain a timely, accurate problem list.

One click to start adding a new problem.

One click to resolve, discontinue or delete a problem.

One click to flag a problem as a favorite.

Drag & drop to sort.
Each provider can sort the problem list individually.

Drag & drop to change problem type quickly.
Move or copy the problem to a new category.

Shared details, private workspace

ICDx facilitates collaboration, while preserving each user’s ability to maintain their own assessment & plan.

Details related to problem onset, relevant diagnostic tests and problem severity are shared by all members of the care team.

Each user also gets their own private workspace to store notes, follow-up tasks and a plan of care for each problem on the list.

Deep integration with documentation

ICDx helps users leverage the problem list to save time, improve note quality and support billing and quality initiatives.

Creating notes directly from the problem list saves time, eliminates the need to copy-forward prior assessments, and ensures that all problems are documented with sufficient detail to substantiate billing claims and quality measures.

One click inserts the problem list into an electronic note. Pertinent elements are automatically extracted from the user’s private workspace, so the assessment and plan are uniquely their own. Optionally, shared problem details may be included.

The problem list and associated assessment and plan travel with the patient from day to day, and (if desired) from visit to visit, making it easy to maintain a cohesive plan of care over time.

Additional Features

Here are just a few of the other things ICDx can do.

Orders Integration

Justify diagnostic and medication orders.

ICDx can be launched automatically from electronic order forms, in order to solicit diagnostic justification for a test or medication. This integration ensures that users select a valid diagnosis, and drives timely maintenance of the problem list.

Timeline View

See the big picture.

A well maintained problem list provides an accurate snapshot of the patient's present clinical situation. Our timeline view reveals important trends in the patient's overall clinical trajectory, and supports clinical decision making and handoffs of care.

Problem History

Zoom in on particular problem.

One click opens the problem history view, which shows the evolution of a single health issue in greater detail. See when a problem first started, note problem status changes, and watch the evolution of the overall assessment and treatment plan over time.


It's OK to choose them.

ICDx lets you flag all of your most useful diagnoses as favorites directly from the problem list and from our diagnosis search engine. Your favorites are searchable, and are automatically promoted to the top of search results when you're adding a new problem to the list.

Filtered Search

Search a subset of ICD-10.

ICDx search filters enable you to target a clinically relevant subset of ICD-10. For instance, you may want to search DSM-5 codes only, or else limit your search to approved indications for a particular study or medication.

Billing Integration

Sync up your bills and notes.

We have integrated ICDx with select billing applications, to automate the insertion of coded diagnoses into your bill. ICDx tracks the diagnoses you've included in your note for the date of service, and ensures a perfect match between your bill and supporting documentation.

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