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Huddle supports painless care team collaboration & handoffs.

Timely, accurate care team identification

Huddle makes it easy to find members of the patient care team.

The single patient view displays members of the current patient's care team, along with photos and contact information.

Huddle provides IT departments and individual users with the flexibility to create custom care team views, which are relevant for a particular clinical scenario. For example, an Inpatient Physician View might display the attending, nurse, fellow, resident, and any consulting teams, whereas a Multidisciplinary Rounds View might show the attending, nurse, social worker, care coordinator, and physical or occupational therapists.

Integrated care team communication

Huddle integrates with your paging and secure messaging platforms.

Contact care team members directly from the single patient view.

Click the secure messaging icon to invite your colleague to join a secure messaging session, or click the paging icon to send an alphanumeric page from within the application.

Outgoing messages can be configured to include key patient demographic details.

Effortless care team management

Add, remove or cover care providers with fewer clicks.

Huddle's context-sensitive menus ensure that users are presented with relevant options, based on their occupation and the care team role to be filled.

Huddle also supports assignment of providers other than the user, in order to support alternate work-flows — for example, a charge nurse making nurse assignments at shift change.

When adding another user to the care team, Huddle provides a convenient search interface for finding and selecting the correct provider.

Census-level care team management

Huddle's batch mode supports shift changes and overnight or weekend coverage.

When multiple assignments are required, Huddle’s batch mode facilitates care team changes for a large group of patients simultaneously.

Users choose a list of patients and care team role to manage. Huddle provides context-sensitive menu options, enabling users to add, remove or cover providers for any or all of the patients in the list with a single click.

Huddle handoffs

Create I-PASS compliant, context-specific, flexible patient handoffs.

Handoffs of care require a concise, accurate patient description, with relevant historical and situational details. Over the past several years, most institutions have coalesced around the I-PASS data model for handoffs of care (Illness Severity, Patient Summary, Action List, Situational Awareness and Contingency Planning and Synthesis by Receiver). Huddle is designed to elicit I-PASS information from members of the care team, in order to facilitate safe handoffs of care.

Huddle leverages NoteCetera's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to enable users and IT to create flexible handoff data entry screens and reports in just a few minutes.

Flexibility is important, as handoffs of care require different sets of information, depending on the context of the handoff. Some typical handoff reports created with Huddle include:

  • Medicine House Staff Overnight Coverage
  • Nursing Change of Shift
  • Surgical Attending Weekend Coverage
  • ER to ICU Nurse to Nurse
  • OR to PACU Nurse to Nurse
  • Multidisciplinary Rounds Report

Efficient handoff data entry

Enter handoff data and tasks with minimal effort.

Huddle supports data entry directly into its flexible handoff view. Users can enter free text (e.g., patient summary information), select from discrete options (e.g., illness severity) or create and assign tasks (e.g., coverage to-do list), using Huddle's built-in task management system.

The Huddle handoff entry screen is designed to mirror the handoff report, so that users can review any other pertinent clinical data while simultaneously updating their entries.

Additional Features

Report & Printing Engine

Efficient multi-patient report generation.

Huddle includes a highly optimized report and printing engine, which enables users to generate multi-patient reports in minimal time. Users select from among any of their patient lists, and then choose a specific report to generate. Huddle assembles the report into a printable PDF in just a few seconds, even for an entire inpatient unit.

Flexible Configuration

Supporting your unique environment.

Every institution has its own distinct team structure, schedules, technology stack and regulatory environment. Huddle's flexible configuration options enable it to adapt to meet site-specific needs, and to enhance, rather than disrupt existing workflows.

Team Auto-Population

Catching care providers providing care...

There are a number of actions a user can take in a patient’s chart that suggest that the user is a member of the care team. Huddle can automatically prompt the user to add themselves to the care team when they perform target actions, such as writing notes or placing orders.

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